How To Fit Exercise Into Your Week

We have recently discovered a study which analysed individuals use of time and how they managed to fit exercise into their weekly schedules.   The people were split into one of three group.  One had to fit an extra 5 hours of exercise in a week whilst the other group needed to fit in extra 2.5 hours, finally the third group was not required to do any extra. 

What do we have to sacrifice? 
It was found that to fit in extra exercise each week, the three big sacrifices were, 

  • Sleep

  • TV viewing

  • Household chores

We are very reluctant to recommend cutting back on sleep as the majority of people we work with are not getting enough nightly sleep to promote a healthy lifestyle.

TV viewing is an interesting one, for many of us, this is a relaxing part of our day but I challenge you to monitor how much TV you are watching each evening. Could you skip a Netflix episode and go for a 20 minute walk around your neighbourhood or if you want to stay in front of the TV, we recommend trying the free Lululemon yoga sessions on Youtube.

Finally, sacrificing household chores, I need to be careful not to get myself ( or you ) in trouble with this recommendation. So what I would suggest is online grocery shopping, ordering your weekly shop to be delivered on a Sunday will save you at least four hours a month, plus will also support you in being able to plan and prepare healthy meals for the week ahead.


How do you lead your team to exercise more each week 

We know that when individuals are regularly active, they are more likely to have enhanced daily energy, make more innovative decisions, be safer and be more effective with their communication. 

So as leaders how do we show our team members that we value them by encouraging them to make exercise a part of their daily lives. 

  • Lead by example. Let it be known to your staff that exercise is a key part of your lifestyle.

  • Promote active commuting. Bike riding, walking from an earlier station or standing instead of sitting are great ways to incorporate more movement into our day.

  • Walking meetings. these are growing in popularity and it's no surprise. When we move our bodies as well as when we are shoulder to shoulder with someone, it can break down some of the barriers and allow more creative thinking. Give it a go.

  • Encourage your team to make movement a part of their lunch break (yes that means you have to make sure they are having a lunch break)

  • Allow people to take advantage of flexible work options. Time saved in commuting by working from home once a week may make exercise more accessible for someone on your team.

If you would like to discuss how we can support you and your team with integrating health and wellbeing into the daily culture, please contact

Kevin McAlister