Why Governments Should Prioritise Wellbeing

The governments of Scotland, New Zealand and Iceland are coming together to create a new framework for how they measure the success and prosperity of their countries by making individuals wellbeing the central focus. 

We recently discovered this amazing Ted Talk by the Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, titled Why Governments should prioritise wellbeing.  Nicola challenges the long term assumption that GDP is the most important measure a country should consider but that we must look at the health and happiness of the population and to have this at the focal point of every government decision that is made. 

The first question should always be, how will this policy decision impact the health and happiness of our people? 

It seems to make sense that if we focus on proactively reversing the current trends around obesity and mental health for individuals, that nations will reduce the huge financial burden caused by these illnesses and allow people to effectively contribute to society and their communities. This in turn will be good for GDP.


So if it's on the agenda for major governments then what does this mean for businesses? 

We continue to see the rise of social enterprises, businesses who are looking beyond just purely profits, but also measuring their impact on society and the experience they deliver for their employees.  Some of the questions to consider are as follows;

  • Do you regularly measure the wellbeing of your staff?

  • Are you aware of the important health drivers for each individual in your team?

  • Are your line managers adequately trained in how to lead through wellbeing?

  • Do you have a clear strategy to enhance your culture of wellbeing in the workplace?

  • Are our job designs in line with the current challenges of the modern technology driven work lifestyle?

To attract and retain the best people in your industry, we believe that it's time for businesses to regularly measure, improve and review how they approach the employee wellbeing experience.

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Kevin McAlister