Forget New Year Resolutions, Change Your Story In 2019

The story of your life, it’s the one you tell yourself, that inner voice that guides your decision-making, does it still have your best interest at mind?


Your story is essentially your view of the world and we make decisions to support it. It is shaped by many things including your;

·      individual values,

·      past experiences,

·      role models,

·      friends,

·      social expectations,

·      family upbringing and

·      your aspirations.


Mind reports that 1 in 6 people in the UK experience mental health struggles on a weekly basis, and that the even more worrying trends are around our inability to cope. Too many of us are overwhelmed by workloads, stressed by financial difficulties and leading unhealthy sleep deprived lifestyles.

So let’s get serious, is your story helping or hindering you? Or even worse is your story negatively impacting someone else’s welfare?


Reflecting on your current worldview


With the calendar ticking over to 2019, hopefully you have had the opportunity to step away from the madness of emails, deadlines and office politics to enjoy a period rest and reflection.  


I invite you to reflect on your current story. Some of the areas you may wish to think about are;

·      work ·      relationships ·      family ·      friends ·      food ·      sleep ·      stress ·      exercise ·      leadership ·      hobbies ·      money ·      alcohol ·      and communication. 


Of the key areas suggested, which ones resinated with you? Are your current habits, internal language and beliefs holding you back from being happier and more fulfilled.   When thinking about a specific area of your life start by replacing the word ‘should’ with ‘could’.  Should puts a lot of expectation on ourselves that may be making us unhappy where as could comes from a place of opportunity with a more positive view.


The founder of Nike, Phil Knight, starts his book, Shoe Dog, by eloquently describing his love of running. Phil explains that whatever pleasure or gains one derives from the act of running, they must find it from within.


 “It’s all in how you frame it, how you sell it to yourself?”


Your view on the world is not an easy thing to change, after all it’s what makes you, you. However with a conscience awareness of areas of your life that you would like to improve, you can work to change your thought processes and internal narrative, to sell yourself a healthier, more positive version.


Change your mindset, change your life (or someone else’s)


The inspiring leaders I worked with in 2018, who genuinely wanted to invest in the health and happiness of their employees, told themselves a story that a better approach to workplace wellbeing is required in their team and is now an essential part of being a manager.


On the other side of the coin I had many discussions with senior leaders of large organisations in London who told themselves a different story. One that saw their employees health and wellbeing as their own individual responsibility outside of work, who see lunch breaks, mental health challenges and leaving work at a sensible hour as a sign of lack of ambition.


Both schools of thought contain ambitious individuals in similar positions, but who tell themselves different narratives about creating and investing in a culture of wellbeing. You can see how their decision-making, their team culture and the people they attract will vary significantly.


In this modern era of technology addiction, fast diets and long work hours, businesses have an opportunity and a responsibility to ensure their staff are healthy and happy. It’s important for the individual, their families, the wider community and of course the bottom line of the business. 


So whether it’s an individual health journey you’re on, or if you’re reflecting on the culture and approach to the health of your staff. I encourage you to not worry so much about New Year resolutions but to reinvent your story. One that is more positive, kinder to yourself and others around you, one that will encourage a healthier approach to decision making in 2019.


If you feel Lift Your Wellbeing may be able to assist with your story in 2019 please reach out for a chat.

Kevin McAlister