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Since late 2017 Lift Your Wellbeing has partnered with Swedish Construction Company Skanska to deliver an innovative and pro-active workplace wellbeing programme on their City of London project. The challenge was initially put to us to deliver a solution that went beyond the typical ‘one to many’ traditional approach used by businesses which doesn’t typically result in sustained positive change for the employees who need it most.

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The objective of the Skanska Lift Your Wellbeing programme is to invest and implement an integrated health and wellbeing programme designed to help employees achieve their health & wellbeing goals, support a cultural change around getting
 active, increase employee engagement, help to reduce absenteeism (and associated costs), and foster a workforce where people are committed to achieving organisational success.

By improving my wellbeing I am now more focused and have improved my afternoon effectiveness.
— Chris , Mobile Engineer


A small group of employees volunteer to take part in an eight-week wellbeing programme.  This consists of two weekly small group exercise classes held during work hours at a boutique London based gym with a mixture of onsite and office based staff.  Along side this, there are weekly education focuses delivered through our online platform as well as individual coaching and weekly activities to empower positive behavioural change in key areas of wellbeing, including stress management, nutrition, sleep, hydration and exercise. 

Lift Your Wellbeing has improved my daily nutrition, taught me more about portion control and stress management.  Best of all I feel more energetic.
— Darren, Operations Manager
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After six successful continuous rounds of the employee wellbeing programme we have so far achieved the following great results in line with our objectives, which has had a profoundly positive impact on the individuals involved as well as on the business performance.

In 2018 we were Highly Commended Award Finalist for our Impact On Organisational Performance by the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) for our workplace wellbeing programme.

As a result of the individualised coaching experienced, our current statistics show us that participants of the programme have reported a 28% increase in daily energy and a 15% increase in concentration at work as well as significant improvements to both mental and physical health. Importantly participants have developed essential skills and confidence to continue exercising and maintaining healthy habits beyond the length of programme.

Skanska is now sponsoring its clients employees from The City of London to participate in the programme, this is breaking down barriers and enhancing collaboration and communication between service provider and client.

This initiative shows that Skanska genuinely supports and cares for their employees which can be a very powerful and attractive tool.

To us improving organisational performance is not just about making money, it’s about increasing engagement, morale and making our employees feel good about themselves.

Healthier and happier employees enhances our brand and helps us attract and retain people which can in turn help the company improve performance and reduces absence and presenteesism costs.
— Matt, General Manager