Our Story


The career conundrum

Prior to becoming a Corporate Health and Fitness Coach I worked in a large corporate environment as a Chartered Accountant.

I have experienced the pain and challenges associated with trying to maintain health and fitness whilst striving for success in a fast paced, client-focused profession that didn’t nurture an effective wellbeing culture.

I was constantly thinking to myself; do I need to sacrifice my health, my quality time with friends and family, my energy outside of work and my hobbies just to continue to meet deadlines, strive for promotions and to keep the boss happy.

From desk chair to gym floor

Surely people can achieve career success without throwing away all the other things in life that make them happy.

It was this theme that eventually led to my transition into becoming a health and fitness coach in The City of London, where I continue to work closely with professionals.

Changing the way businesses deliver workplace wellbeing

Combining both my experience in a professional office setting and the boutique personal training environment of London, I understood that for a Wellbeing programme to be effective it needs come from a cultural shift led by the senior staff members of an organisation. One that genuinely encourages active and healthy decisions, especially during work hours to ensure that their staff’s wellbeing is optimal to work effectively.

Through dialogue with my clients and the wider business community, I have identified that businesses current wellbeing policies and practices do not meet the needs of their staff in this technological driven era where people are continuing to suffer from avoidable health conditions, much of which is due to their work culture.

The workplace wellbeing programme getting the best out of employees

As such Lift Your Wellbeing was born out of a desire to work closely with more hard working employees, to educate and implement changes that will empower individuals to reconnect with what makes them happy, to feel healthier and more energetic both at home and at work.

Most importantly the programme encourages a cultural shift in attitudes towards the importance of investing the time and money into health and wellbeing, one that will reap rewards for the business, it’s employees, it’s customers and the wider community.

To implement the Lift Your Wellbeing programme in your workplace please contact Kevin today and get started towards a healthier, more energetic workplace.