Lift Your Wellbeing

Week 1


Determining Your Why

Before we get started, you need to ask yourself two important questions.

Why do I want to improve my overall health and wellbeing?

Who am I improving my health and wellbeing for?

Take some time to let these two questions sink in, there is no right or wrong answer to these questions but it is very effective to explore the deeper reasons why we want to improve our health as this will help us when the inevitable challenges arise.

Think about the wider impact your improved energy and fitness could have not only on your own happiness but also on your family, friends, work and local communities.

The challenge for this week is to complete the self assessment questionnaire below. By giving detailed, honest responses, your Lift Your Wellbeing coach will be better able to understand your drivers for change and to provide more effective coaching. (please don't forget to press submit once you're finished)

If you’re looking for further inspiration I strongly encourage you to spend five minutes watching Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With Why’ Ted Talk, see below.