Week 7

Reconnect & Disconnect


Why So Sad?


The World Health Organisation (WHO) completed their yearly World Happiness Index and found that as a society in the developed world we are continually becoming more unhappy each year. With employment levels high, economies performing well and technology advancing at a rapid rate why are we all not a lot happier as a result?

They concluded that the two major reasons for these results were relatively simple and they are as follows,


1 – We are too connected with technology and;

2 – We are too disconnected from other humans.


I would be surprised if these two points haven’t struck a chord with you, with the increasing usage and reliance on smart phones coupled with increasing working hours and general stresses of the modern day lifestyle we are losing touch with our friends, family, hobbies and the communities that fulfil us.


Weekly Challenge

 This week’s challenge should be a lot of fun and I believe this will be a catalyst for subtle changes in your lifestyle that will have a profound impact on the way you think and feel.

I created the Lift Your Wellbeing Ebook, ‘100 Ways To Lift Your Wellbeing Today’ with this module in mind. It is designed to be a reference guided you can use every day to remind yourself to ‘Disconnect and Reconnect’, to help you identify what it is you need in that particular moment, to lead a happier and healthier life.


How It Works?

Each day it starts with asking yourself one simple question, ‘What Do I Need Today’?   Each day your answer is likely to be different and that is perfectly normal.

So for this week’s challenge I want you to use the book every day and select at least one suggestion that resonates with you in that moment. 

The book contains ninety ideas of small ways to lift your overall health, wellbeing and happiness.  There are ten blank spots left for you to complete with things that are individual to you, so have a think about things that you are important to you and complete the blank spaces.

I hope that this week’s challenge with be an enjoyable catalyst for change and that you will continue to use the book going forward.

If you have any questions about this challenge or how to get the most of the book please don’t hesitate to contact me.