Online Employee Wellbeing Programme

Our eight-week wellbeing foundations programme educates and empowers positive behavioural change in all key areas of wellbeing, including stress management, nutrition, sleep, hydration and exercise. Through our online course and weekly assessments employees will get individual coaching to experience real change.


On Site Fitness Classes

Delivered in correlation with the online wellbeing programme, we will run small group exercise classes each week at a location convenient for your business. This will enhance the physical and mental fitness of your staff, improve their collaboration and reduce overall stress in your workplace by training in a fun environment.


Wellbeing Content For Internal Communications

Critical to the strategic success of a wellbeing programme is the effective internal communication to all staff members. This is an opportunity to educate as well as demonstrate a leader driven culture that supports your people’s wellbeing. Lift Your Wellbeing provide content that can be used in email communication, team meetings, office flyers and through digital media platforms.


On Site Coaching and Workshops

Learning through the art of story telling and bringing people together to focus on a wellbeing topic. Lift Your Wellbeing host interactive workshops to educate, collaborate and contribute to improved health and wellbeing of an individual and the wider business.


Organisational Wellbeing Cultural Assessment

Wellbeing programmes are only as effective as a company culture will allow them to be. We take deep dive into the culture, behaviours, education gaps and day-to-day habits of your workplace in relation to health, wellbeing and the happiness of your people.

A Chartered Accountant and Wellbeing Advisor will come to your workplace and undertake meetings, surveys and walk throughs to identify where positive cultural change may be implemented.


Workplace Wellbeing Recommendations Report

From our findings and extensive knowledge of what is currently effective in workplace wellbeing we will work together with your business to see that recommendations are implemented and positive outcomes are realised for all stakeholders of your business.