Wates Construction Workplace Wellbeing Case Study

As one of the UK’s leading construction company’s, the Wates Senior Leadership team on the Lillie Square site approached Lift Your Wellbeing wanting to invest in a proactive approach to maintain and improve the wellbeing of its staff. Many of the employees within the construction industry fall within the highest risk categories for mental and physical health issues. As such why the industry body Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) acknowledge that this is now a major focus for them.



The objective of the Wates Lift Your Wellbeing programme is to invest and implement an integrated wellbeing programme that had a sustainable positive impact on the health and happiness of it’s employees. The Lillie Square site consists of a new team working together, as such it was also important that the programme made people feel more valued, increased camaraderie amongst employees and drove a positive cultural shift towards enhanced wellbeing behaviours in the workplace. This was further demonstrated by the Project Director, Phil Whitby, leading by example by participating in the first programme. Management are strongly aware of the risks associated with individuals who are inactive, experiencing insufficient sleep, consuming poor nutrition and who are struggling mentally due to high levels of stress caused from factors inside and outside of the workplace. It is crucial that employees in the programme are given the opportunity to learn and develop new skills associated with these high-risk areas of an individual’s wellbeing.



On site exercise classes

A group of eight employees volunteer to take part in an eight-week wellbeing programme, which consists of two weekly small group exercise classes. Initially these classes were run out of a local park, however management soon made the decision to invest in an on site gym. The decision is industry leading and demonstrates the innovate leadership currently being experienced on site.

Weekly eLearning modules

Along side the exercise component, there are weekly education focuses delivered through the Lift Your Wellbeing online learning platform as well as individual coaching and weekly worksheets to empower positive behavioural change in key areas of wellbeing. These focus areas include stress management, nutrition, sleep, hydration, happiness and goal setting.



We are now onto our third successive round of the employee wellbeing programme, allowing over 50% of the Wates site team to experience an opportunity to improve their health and happiness. Our statistics collected through self-evaluation surveys show us that participants of the programme have reported improved sleep quality, increases in daily energy and concentration at work, significantly improved nutrition as well as feeling more valued as an employee.

Half of the employees who have completed the programme are now paying privately to continue to the exercise, education and coaching support. This will help sustain the wellbeing benefits for both the individuals and the Lillie Square site.

Feedback from the participants demonstrates from a qualitative perspective the value and benefits that the individual employees have experienced.

Moving forward, once all Wates staff who want to participate, have completed the programme, the intention is to encourage the supply chain to partake, starting with sub contractor Black Hats.

I was a little reluctant to do the programme initially thinking it wasn’t for me at this time, and whilst I knew my diet and level of exercise wasn’t what it should be, I wasn’t too bothered. That’s changed completely now and I want to keep all the good habits and new knowledge going. I can’t praise the programme enough, and would recommend it for everyone!
— Jon
I feel more energetic than before I started the programme, and I now feel a lot more confident and better within myself.
— Wendy
I feel that the programme has helped me to start changing my eating habits and I am more relaxed with my partner at home.
— Matthias

For further information about our partnership with Wates Construction please contact Kevin@liftyourwellbeing.com